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Why Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in Mena, AR 71953 is Important?

The most obvious reason to remove wisdom teeth is space. There are some people in Mena who can get their wisdom teeth without problems, but most are not so lucky. Our jaws have shrunk since our ancestors' time, making wisdom teeth a hindrance to the other teeth in our mouth. In addition to causing strain on other teeth, cramming in our mouth can also lead to problems with cleaning. Wisdom teeth can become impacted if there is not enough room in our mouths. As a result, the teeth may not penetrate the skin properly or may be overgrown by bone or gums. These teeth may not seem like a problem now, but they can become infected if left untreated. The infection of an impacted tooth can reach the bloodstream and cause even more serious health problems and/or illnesses.

What is the wisdom teeth removal process in Mena, AR 71953?

Your oral surgeon will first discuss the wisdom teeth removal process with you and what to expect. The doctor will want to discuss with you any health problems that you may have, as well as any medications you need to take on a regular basis. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, and discuss the anesthesia you will need with your dentist or surgeon.

You will only need to spend 45 minutes on the wisdom teeth removal procedure. The teeth may have to be removed by cutting the gum or bone. The wounds will need to be stitched shut if they do since this will speed up their healing. Once the stitches dissolve, the wounds will heal normally.

Taking a break from work or school is a wise idea after your surgery, as you need to rest. The time off should be brief. You may find that you have some mild swelling Postoperative pain should be minimal to nonexistent. Mild swelling can be uncomfortable, but it will only last three times. Healing can take a few weeks, so be gentle with your mouth during

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