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Wisdom teeth, or the third set of molars, were necessary for grinding food from our ancestral diets, but no longer serve any purpose. Wisdom teeth can cause problems such as pain, swelling, infection, overcrowding, and damage to the surrounding teeth. Many wisdom teeth become impacted because the human jaw has evolved to be smaller than it was in the past. When you have tooth pain or a major dental emergency, call us immediately at (855) 963-6319

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I had two implants, sinus lift surgery, and three teeth pulled by Bruce MacNicoL (after years of grinding teeth). Professional, experienced, highly trained, and a great sense of humor. My results are gorgeous and I have not experienced any bruising, infection, or other problems since the procedure. This is the surgeon to contact if you want the best care. I wouldn't go to anyone else."

Jonathan W.

Over this whole period I was always kept in the loop. Every question I had was answered by either. Any concerns were addressed giving me a measure of comfort every step of the way. When you put yourself in the best hands you can be assured that you do, indeed get the best treatment." -

Won K.

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There are many reasons why patients need an wisdom dentist. We find that a dental can strike at any time.

Our Dental Group provides convenient and affordable family dentistry. Modern dental technology allows us to achieve the smile of your dreams in a painless, friendly, and welcoming environment.

Our team at Wisdom Teeth l Excellence of Emergency dental service will try to accommodate any last minute appointment requests so that the patient does not have to continue struggling with oral pain. When you have tooth pain or a wisdom dental emergency, call us immediately at (855) 963-6319

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A root canal treatment is performed to save a tooth that is badly decayed or infected. In a root canal, the nerve and pulp are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed. A tooth will probably become infected without treatment, which may result in an abscess.